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In 2016, I found myself looking for something that reconnected me with my true self. After some soul searching, painting and drawing - which I had abandoned in my teens, came right back into my life. Since 2017, I’ve been committed to developing my craft, and I’m delighted to see how it’s evolved over the years. Surprisingly, painting has largely contributed to my designs as it fuels creativity. Check out the latest ones below.

Seek Light

2020 | Acrylics on wooden board; 30x40cm 

Painted during the 2019-2020 pandemic lockdown. 'Seek Light' appeared as a reminder to keep facing the light despite all the darkness everywhere. It also brought acrylics back to my life.

Double Rainbow

2021-2022 | Acrylics on wooden board; 40x30cm 

In 2021, I was going through lots of changes in my life. I had been feeling tense and scared. One day in the Fall, after raining all day, the sun showed up and I felt the urge to go outside. Upon looking up to the sky, I saw a double rainbow for the first time ever. That was such a moment for me - it brought hope to my heart. It made me believe everything was going to be OK. That moment turned into this painting finished in early 2022.

Sailing in the Clouds

2022 | Acrylics on wooden board; 40x30cm 

Inspired by the view from airplanes, the clouds are where my mind wonders. This painting is about self-reliance, strength and trusting the unknown. It also embeds memories of a 2019 trip to Southeast Asia.

work in progress


Currently working on this painting. To find out how it will turn out, follow me on Instagram.

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Fusion Bellydance

In 2007, I got introduced to classic bellydance (oriental dance) and fell in love with how it felt in my body. Things got even better when, in 2014, I explored a variation of it known as 'fusion bellydance'. Fusion gave me permission to dance free of cultural constraints - I was hooked! Today, thanks to all the teachers I've had over the years, I learned to embody both versions. I consider myself a "professional hobbyist", meaning: I'm always learning and leveling up my skills without pressuring myself into becoming a professional. I like to share my dance to spread joy and inspire those who feel the need to express themselves through their bodies.

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Photo taken at Parque Lage (RJ, Brazil), 2016 | Photo by Ana Clara
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