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DISCLAIMER: The projects featured below might have been altered/updated after release.
A tablet featuring the hero design of Pravada Floors website. The tablet lays on a wooden flooring surrounded by decorative wooden pieces and a decor magazine.

Pravada Floors' website


This complex, content-heavy e-commerce website for three different types of users, took this flooring manufacturing company to the next level in their industry.

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Julia Falci's Coaching website


Julia needed a fresh website as her old website didn't look cohesive as a brand. So we worked together to give her website a new look and clearer navigation to support her offerings. The result is stunning!

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A laptop featuring the hero image of Julia Falci's website designed by Joy. The her shows Julia smiling while sitting on a bench outdoors by a glassy dome. The title says "Start and grow a soul-aligned business".
A laptop featuring the hero design of The Future of Children Rewirement Training landing page. The hero background shows children surrounded by colourful geodesic domes. Their faces express enthusiasm and excitement. The title says "The Future of Children Rewirement Training" with Phil Moore - Author of The Future of Children; Co-founder of Upland Hills Schools & Ecological Awareness Centre. The button is labeled "register for the training".

Future of Children Training landing page


Phil Moore - an educator with over 50 years of experience was ready to share his knowledge of love-based education with parents and fellow teachers. Based on a single book cover, here's a full landing page design.

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ongoing work


Tasty Dates


Tasty Dates is a Swiss date fruit-based product manufacturer and importer. This ongoing project tackles brand strategy, visual identity, packaging, and UI design - all from scratch. Take a peek!

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Tasty Dates logo design by Joy. In the logo, "Tasty" is written like a cake decoration handwritten title. And "Dates" is made of different fonts together. There is a heart at the end of the word "Tasty".
special case

Experiential Graphics

Pravada Floors' Showroom

#brandedenvironments #signage

Pravada's spacious showroom needed to educate, inspire and assist customers in their decision-making with minimal staff assistance required. Here's how we did it!

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A white metal rack with large wooden magnets on it. The magnets are labelled with white stickers with product names plus collections written below each name in smaller fonts. The image features various wood colours and the magnets fit together in an angular cut.
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Exhibition / Booth design

A rectangular display with wood planks and text all around it. On top, there are wooden sticks of various heights and shinny black mannequins holding wooden squares (samples of flooring). The piece looks like an elevated fashion runaway with text all around it. The logo says "Pravada Floors".

Pravada Floors' Booth at IDS '18

#tradeshowbooth #conceptualdesign

An irrecusable opportunity, 2 months from design to show, and team effort made this booth a reality. Here's the story.

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"Majik Media has been working with Joy on a bunch of amazing landing pages, event pages and community brand design projects. Joy has been an absolute delight to work with. Her work is professional, unique and incredibly creative. She brings a lot of awesome ideas to the websites she's been building and she also brings a wonderfully positive attitude. I highly recommend working with Joy if you're looking for an amazing experience and beautiful design work done."

Bradley Morris | Founder of Majik Media & Majik Kids
Via email

"Joy was exceptional to work with. She's very clear on her communication and super organized with the entire process. She helped me refresh my website design and I couldn't be happier! Totally worth it!"

Julia Falci | Holistic Business Coach
Via email

“So thankful for the opportunities to work with Joy! She's professional, level headed, wonderfully creative and excellent at taking feedback/ideas to heart and then putting them into action- a dream. Joy delivered a timeless, clean and fun design as part of a very important project for nationally distributed seasonal consumer packaged goods and I could not be more pleased with the end result! Fantastic communication, too. Thank you, Joy! Looking forward to our next chance to work together again.”

Emma Smith | Founder of Zimt Chocolates
Via Linkedin

“Joy's excellent design and layout skills were key, in producing the design plans and layout for the current Pravada floors website. Since she left Pravada with some of the most beautifully designed branding, we have continued using her templates and branding standards. I truly miss working collaboratively, playing off each others skills and learning from each other. Her patience and high level design skills are second to none!”

Amanda Arsenault | Marketing Wiz & Former co-worker
Via Linkedin

"I hired Joy in the spring of 2022 to design the cover for my book, Vegan Marketing Success Stories. [...] I can tell you working with her was an absolute DREAM — and I've worked with some great graphic & web designers in the past. [...] Joy not only presented 3 options for packages but came up with 3 mockups, outlined key deadlines, stayed in communication with me constantly, and provided 14(!) bonus graphics I could use for promotional purposes. When my first proof copy wasn't all that perfect, she encouraged me to wait until I got the next copy before taking photos—a testament to her care for quality. I am THRILLED with how my book cover turned out and having additional graphics support took one less thing off my plate. I'd hire Joy in a heartbeat again, especially if you want a pro who cares about your work just as much as you do."

Sandra Nomoto | Ethical Marketer & Book Whisperer
Via Linkedin
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