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book cover design | 2022

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Print/Book Cover Design


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Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop


Sandra Nomoto is a Vancouver-based copywriter. Her newest book Vegan Marketing Success Stories was launched in 2022 and talks about marketing tactics used by vegan companies to stand out. The book cover was designed in collaboration with the author in early Spring 2022.


1. Have the book stand out on shelves (from a perspective of the spine);

2. Have it look colourful;

3. Feature fruits and vegetables as graphical elements (to resonate with the audience).


Based on references sent by the client, the process started through creative exploration of three different concepts that played with the ‘marketing’ aspect of the book and ‘vegan’ with the use of fruits and vegetables and their natural colours to represent that.

Original concept in its preliminary version.
Author's handwriting tests for use on the cover


From the three concepts, the chosen option went through a variety of iterations focusing on its background colour in order to meet the ‘stand out’ requirement. It was decided that white background would not only look better with all the colours but also help the book stand out on shelves full of multicoloured books. The word “stories” on the cover needed a handwritten, more humane touch. Upon looking for multiple typographic options, we decided to have the author’s own personal touch adding the word written by the author herself, picked among dozens of tests. The result is a mix of organic yet structured elements that perfectly summarize the title and contents of the book. The book got featured live on Global BC News in January 2023.

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