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Landing sales page | In partnership with Majik Media | 2023

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Landing Page Design


Web/Branding Designer


Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Wordpress+Elementor


The Future of Children Rewirement Training is a course developed by lifelong educator Phil Moore in partnership with Majik Media. I joined in as Majik Media’s design partner to brand and develop the course’s landing page design based on a predefined sales page structure. 


1. Design a visual brand to convey Moore’s expertise as a teacher and leader in the field of love-based education for four decades.

2. To incorporate elements of his method (based on the Upland Hills Ecological Awareness Center - a school he helped found in the 70’s) into the design, including children, natural elements and geometry. 

3. To engage the reader all the way to the end of the page making the text-heavy page look easy to digest while supported by historical images of the author’s journey in education.


Phil Moore’s The Future of Children book cover was the starting point for the page’s branding. The colour palette was inspired by the book cover and evolved into typography, iconography and imagery associated with natural elements. 

Moore's The Future of Children book cover used as reference for the design
Phil Moore's journey timeline designed to honour his legacy and credibility as an educator. Elements were designed based on the shape of a leaf.


The brand’s concept was based on the meaning of a ‘leaf’ - a natural element that includes both geometric references (the leaf’s veins) and an analogy to education: the sharing of knowledge through experience (the detachment from the tree) and community. The concept informed backgrounds and shapes as seen on buttons, containers and timelines. There was also the use of references to Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic geometry - part of the school’s educational methods. The result is a page that looks modern and grounded in Nature representing Moore’s approach to education while also attempting to honour the leader’s historical significance and trajectory over four decades.

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