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Branding, Packaging, UI Design


Brand Strategist and Designer; Graphic and UI Designer


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Figma


Tasty Dates is a Swiss date-based product manufacturing company owned by Supply Zone GmbH. The company offers quality date-based natural sweeteners in multiple varieties (fruit, syrup, granules) for sugar replacements, as well as other premium date-based products. Their customers include online, retail and industrial manufacturers.The company reached out for a complete from-scratch brand design (including brand rename - formerly “Dattel Factory”’) and strategy, packaging and e-commerce website/UI design for Shopify (in progress).


1. To supply the widest variety of date-based products at premium quality - and to clearly convey that through their branding in a modern, cute and colourful way.

2. To give these products' packaging a fresh new approach to all traditional brand and packaging design currently found on the Western European (and world-wide) market.

3. To educate customers on the numerous health benefits and applications of dates in a variety of forms, and for different purposes in all stages of life.

One of Tasty Dates' drippy backgrounds meant to convey sweetness.


The brand design began with a creative brief that extracted the owners’ vision for the brand. That was followed by a series of workshops / brainstorming sessions that focused on clarifying and solidifying the brand’s foundations (purpose, vision, mission, and values). After market research, competitor audits, and understanding of our personas, we proceeded to define our brand’s positioning and messaging which informed the brand’s new name and design direction.

Tasty Dates' mark depicts 'passion' (for dates).
TD logo's goal is to convey 'variety', and 'sweetness' while incorporating the heart element for 'passion'.


Informed by clear vision and solid foundations, the visual aspects of the brand started with a mood board for an exploration of overall look and feel of the design. The visual brand’s concept proposed explores ‘variety’ and ‘sweetness’ inspired by bakers confectionery - a completely new take to the traditional date market. The concept directed the brand’s logo design, typography, colour palette, and all graphical elements.

PS: This is a work in progress - we're currently working on packaging design, and a new website. Check back for updates!

Tasty Dates' brand visual identity is meant to convey 'variety' and 'sweetness' showcased through colours, typography, and drippy backgrounds (shown earlier).
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