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Julia Falci is a Marketing Strategist & Holistic Business Coach based in Vancouver-BC. Her previous website presented some key issues such as an extensive menu with a few options that were hidden from the main page, and information that appeared crammed and hard to follow. This project sought to solve those problems through a complete review of the information architecture of the website, as well as a complete redesign of the pages for stronger, more mature visual branding and increased effectiveness of call-to-actions.


1. Clearly communicate service offerings and approach;

2. Demonstrate authority and credibility to build trust;

3. Generate leads (contact, book free consultation, signup for the newsletter).


The concept for the whole website redesign evolved from the graphic shapes used in Julia Falci's logo (from the original design). The content, including images and buttons, followed those shapes, integrating the whole visual branding cohesively.

Julia Falci's logo derived shapes led the concept (logo design by unknown)
Hero design + top navigation menu: By grouping similar services and products (as shown with "business coaching" as the general category and services/courses listed in a dropdown menu), the design made it easier for the user to locate her offerings.


The design process started with a reevaluation of the content structure of the website. Starting from the top navigation menu, the design focused on having the menu display as fewer options as possible so all contents would be clearly shown (no hidden options as she had before). Julia Falci's services and offerings were then accommodated in unique-page layouts designed for each category (see below).

Also, to demonstrate authority and credibility, the design incorporated as many images as available of Julia teaching.

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