pravada floors' Showroom

environmental graphics / signage design | 2021

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Environmental Graphics / Signage Design


Graphic Designer


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop


Pravada Floors is a metro Vancouver-based flooring manufacturing company. The company is known for its hardwood floors. As a team-member and their sole in-house graphic designer for 4 years, we redesigned their entire brand with the showroom being the culmination of years of brand development. For their showroom signage, we wanted to create informative content that would allow their customers (designers, dealers, and dealers' customers) to learn more about their products while addressing common questions and establishing the brand's messaging.


1. Use signage to educate, inspire and establish the brand's messaging.

2. Create a distinguished showroom experience.

3. Accommodate information that addressed each type of their clients as to minimize concerns regarding these high-ticket products.


The clients had an overall idea of what they wanted concerning themes, and their placement in the showroom. It was during ideation stage that the idea of making these signs informative appeared given the size of their showroom - as a way of providing valuable content beyond meaningless visuals. Also, by the time their clients visit their showroom, they tend to be ready to make decisions so the signs had to assist them in the process.

Poster design addressing sustainability pt.1.
Poster design addressing sustainability pt.2.


Given the size of their showroom, the idea was to use nooks and wall areas as opportunities to provide customers with tangible information as well as reinforce brand messaging. We addressed sustainability, product specifications and design. We also used those signs to expand on the concept behind each collection and introduce other products.

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