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exhibition booth design | 2018

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Exhibition Booth Design


Graphic & Booth Designer


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop


Pravada Floors is a metro Vancouver-based flooring manufacturing company. The company is known for its hardwood floors. As a team-member and their sole in-house graphic designer and marketing coordinator at the time, we received an irrecusable opportunity to have a booth at the Interior Design Show (IDS) Vancouver in 2018 - one of the most popular tradeshows of the interior design industry. There was one catch to the offer: we had merely 2 months to the show and a small budget to make it.


1. Make it to the show.

2. Stand out somehow.

3. Make the most out of the opportunity by showcasing new products in a contemporary, on brand fashion.


Armed with a creative mind and an architectural background, the concept for Pravada's booth came in pretty quickly: a self-contained, art installation-like piece that resembled a forest and a fashion runway at the same time (related to the brand's messaging). The idea was to have visitors walk around the piece rather than "enter" it like in most booths. A simple yet effective solution for the timeframe we had while making it more engaging for the visitors to view it.

Side mock-ups: By using the flooring planks themselves, we could colour the booth while allowing the visitors to view samples of a range of products on the spot.
Booth execution: the simple yet effective design enabled us, as a team, to make it to the show in only 2 months - an unheard-of timeline for a tradeshow.


The self-contained piece was initially thought of getting placed at floor level, however, we needed a way of featuring information, so we raised the piece off of the floor and carved out plenty of room on its sides for that. To avoid colour-matching printing issues, we used the flooring planks themselves which allowed us to showcase texture, colour and quality of the products while taking advantage of their natural colours - coordinated 1 by 1.

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