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packaging design | 2022

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Packaging Design


Graphic Designer; Art Director


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop


Zimt Chocolates is a Vancouver-based vegan chocolate company. The company is known for its delicious, high-quality chocolates, commitment to zero-waste packaging, and donations to animal shelters and those in need. For this special project - the 2022's Zimt Advent Calendars, we used the packaging to tell a story in order to trigger the customers' empathy for the cause.


1. Use packaging for storytelling. Use storytelling to convey contrasting emotions.

2. Create a distinguished/special version of the company's regular packaging (original design by Jordan Petryk)

3. Accommodate information pertaining to two chocolate bars into one packaging.


Zimt's founder Emma Smith had a pretty clear idea of what she wanted. She had the characters she wanted to feature and an overall idea of what the two scenarios would look like. Her ideas were taken into mock-ups that allowed us to quickly iterate on them until the two scenarios (outdoor and indoor) were defined. Once defined, we invited Kate Finlason from I Draw Your Paws to illustrate them in a way that matched Zimt's branding and dream-like watercolour look. The packaging evolved alongside the illustrations.

Mock-ups created to base the illustrations on.
Final illustrations by Kate Finlason.


The mock-ups proved themselves successful as they enabled us to materialize the client's ideas into visual representations resulting in speedy illustrations and much less time and effort spent on revisions. In other words, happy client, happy team and beautiful end result. :)

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